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This past summer, I collaborated with Arts By The People, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower individuals through collaborative acts of self expression. TIMEscape is a project inspired by the power of words in generating movement. This collaboration collects and shares the different perspectives of individuals from three different groups of people who have deeply impacted the dancer I have become. The three groups include: individuals from Saratoga Bridges, senior citizens from various areas and my peers from Skidmore College.

The main inspiration of this project comes from “My Life in Quarantine” by Morristown High Senior Sabrina Robinson. This project serves as a platform and a creative release during this pandemic for everyone involved.

To get more insight on my project check out my blog post:

Inside Out Umbrella

Inside Out Umbrella was my Senior Dance Capstone Project. As a dance major at Skidmore, you are required to create a project that culminates all you have learned throughout the past four years. Due to covid-19, my project transformed into a film rather than a piece that was meant to be performed at the Tang Teaching Museum.

Originally, I had choreographed a work on five Skidmore dancers and inter wove myself within the piece. I was excited to use the interesting architecture of the Tang but that vision did not come to life unfortunately. When I started re-creating my project, I was quite nervous. I did not know what it would look like, and I wanted to make sure I captured everything I wanted to in the live performance. Although creating this video was a difficult process, I learned more about myself and created a tangible project that I could not be prouder to share!

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