How long are classes and what do they consist of?

Classes run for one hour. All classes begin with a warm up that will remain the same throughout the 12 week course. Warm up will sometimes incorporate basic yoga poses and ballet positions. We will then move to combinations that can be done in any space and finish off with learning choreography. Each week we will add on to this piece of choreography.

What should I wear to class?

Anything you are comfortable moving in! Ballet shoes are not required but if you would like to purchase them, that is an option. Socks with grips or sneakers are a great option if where you take class has a somewhat slippery surface.

Do you need prior experience to enroll?

No! Not at all. This class is designed for all levels. The main objective in to learn and discover more about yourself through movement. This is a creative outlet that is accessible for all.

How much space do I need to take class?

Whatever space you have available to you, try to find a space where you can at least spread your arms wide and take at least five big steps! If you don’t have space to do this, that is also okay! Aim to be in a place where you can at least stand up and move in place.

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